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Promoting POLITICO Pro

Project Description

The team of POLITICO approached our experts at Impact Media with the idea of promoting their premium subscription service, POLITICO Pro. Together we developed a script that was both fast-paced and yet informative enough to communicate the key benefits of their product. As of today, with over 200,000 views, the video has undoubtedly contributed to the success of POLITICO Pro, which made it a great investment.

The Result
The video has been watched over 200,000 times and contributed to the success of POLITICO Pro.

The Production

Behind the scenes

The key to a great video is a structured process, and we applied our proven production system in this case as well. Based on our standardized approach, together with the communications staff of POLITICO, our team came up with the basic narrative and key facts to be communicated. The next step was adding relevant footage and aligning the animation and edit to the music, which proved essential to making the video compelling.


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