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MOVE-ON Project - Hybrid Final Meeting

Our streaming experts had again the pleasure to contribute to the final meeting of the Move-On project. Our inital task was turning the event into a hybrid experience for both the hosts and participants, and we summarily succeeded in this task. From the initial meeting with the venue and stakeholders, to planning the technical details that go into every hybrid event, our team supported all involved parties and made sure no hiccups will interrupt the important discussions. The interactions of the online participants with the participants in the room worked seemlessly, and all streaming aspects worked well for the entire two days of the event. The Move-On Project, coordinated by the Regional Fund for Science and Technology (FRCT) and the Regional Government of the Azores, presented a challenge insofar as the venue had very limited space available and our team needed to perform at a reduced headcount and with less than normally available space for all equipment; more importantly, the look online still needed to be professional. The two-day event was a really good experience for our compact team. Coordination with the client and event space went smoothly; pre-production meetings were all efficient and interactions were always friendly. The project partners showed their passion throughout their presentations and it was our pleasure to deliver their message with quality audio, video, broadcast, and recording.

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Client Feedback

Very good staff! They were crucial for the success of our meeting and helped us with everything we needed. Really recomend this company! - Neuza Vertentes, Regional Government of the Azores

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