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Hydrogen Europe Research - Promotional Video
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Client: Hydrogen Europe Research

Our contribution

Hydrogen Europe Research contracted Impact Media with the important task of creating an image movie that illustrates the mission and vision of HER. Representing industry in the innovative hydrogen sector across Europe, it plays a vital role in introducing valuable new energy solutions to policymakers and the broader public alike. From the very beginning, our team supported HER with the entire scope of production services: From brainstorming to script writing to production organization and post-production. To illustrate the work of HER on the ground, our teams conducted on-site interviews in Brussels, as well as remote interviews with various stakeholders of HER. The Impact Media team managed the entire production, which ultimately meant a professional and budget-friendly production for HER. As the goal of the video is to promote more memberships in HER, we are confident the investment will pay for itself very quickly. If you are interested in a similar image video for your company or organization, feel free to reach out to us via the form above, and you will hear from us within 24 hours or less!

This is what our client had to say

Client Feedback

Thank you very much for sending the final version of the video! It is exactly what I was expecting, and I am very happy about the final result. 😊 - Simona Vitali, HER Communications Manager


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