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University of Cambridge - Corporate Leaders Group - Hybrid Event Support in the European Parliament

For the 3rd time in a row, Impact Media’s hybrid event crew delivered online broadcasting support for the University of Cambdrige's Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) Our four-person crew was up to the task, seamlessly integrating our equipment into the existing systems at the European Parliament building in Brussels, something we routinely do. The team also handled all online-aspects, incl. the streaming and operation of CISL's webinar platform. The performance of our crew didn’t stop there: Immediately following the conclusion of the event, our nimble team additionally recorded professional interviews with key speakers as well as CISL team members in order to develop a strong after-event video. We were on a tight schedule breaking down our equipment and exiting the meeting room, so we had to be well-prepared, focused, and fast. Having a well-organized small production team that is able to react and adapt to clients’ needs is what sets Impact Media Europe apart from the rest. Broadcasting from the European Parliament building is always an exciting experience, despite being a rountine exercise for our experienced crew. Are you ready for your next hybrid event? Then reach out to our team!

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