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All Digital Summit
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Our team had the privilege of working with ALL DIGITAL in realizing their yearly Summit in Brussels. The production involved over a month of pre-production and Impact Media supported All Digital all throughout the event. Our experts also supported All Digital in finding and hiring the perfect moderator. The summit took place over a period of 2 days and saw of 70 people in person, and hundreds following online, making the entire event a smashing success. Especially the remote participation of a Commissioner proved a key point of the event, and was enabled by our tech team without a hiccup. The Impact Media crew facilitated the entire technical side of the event, from managing Zoom-rooms, working with remote participants, to streaming the entire two-day even on YouTube. The size of the crew (5-8 people) ensure a quality event and we received very positive feedback following the succesful conclusion of this two-day conference.

What our customers said


Impact Media team was excellent. Flexible, friendly, compassionate, understanding, and patient are just a few ways to describe each member of the team. They made the entire process so much easier than we anticipated and the end product was very good. The content they produced has been used to promote our conference in different platforms. - ALL DIGITAL Team


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